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Pre-wedding PHOTOshoot, what’s that?

What is a pre-wedding shoot?

A pre-wedding shoot is a mini photoshoot that happens sometime before your wedding day, usually 2-3 months before. This is a really good opportunity to meet your photographer and get used to how they work and just a general meet in person if you haven't already. It is similar to an engagement shoot, it’s just about you guys being all loved up and getting some images before you get married.

Why do I need one?

You don’t neeeeed one, but they are a really good idea for many reasons. A pre-wedding shoot is good for everyone involved, especially for the self conscious. So for you as a couple a pre-wedding shoot will give you some practice at interacting and trying to relax with one another in front of a camera, because it can feel a bit weird if you haven't had a shoot before and someone is just pointing a camera at you.

A couple smiling together holding a vintage coke bottle

How the Two Birds do a pre-wedding shoot.

We love a pre-wedding shoot, it really helps us get to know our couples and just get some more amazing images...any excuse! We like to do a pre-wedding shoot that is different from the wedding venue or location to give you variety but also to keep it chill and cheese free. We usually suggest it’s a place you have a connection too, maybe where you walk the dog, or where you met, or your favorite date place even a pub as a drink might help you to relax a bit; although we will help you with that too, our main goal is to keep it chill, cheese free and fun. Feeling relaxed with your photographers will help get those killer shots and it’ll look cool af!

A pre-wedding shoot can help with any nerves you may have on the big day as you'll feel familiar with us and the process; but also as photographers we will have a better idea of how you two interact with each other and give us a heads up on your likes/dislikes and your style. Don't stress, we’ll guide you through the whole process and make you feel comfortable with our chilled approach. We've photographed people for a long time and know how to get the best out of you without feeling awkward!

Depending on how close to the wedding we do your pre-wedding shoot, you will get your images before so you can see which poses and styles you prefer so you can tell us and we can do more of that on your wedding day.

Would we have a pre-wedding shoot?

Yeah defo, we both would! It’s worth it just to feel more relaxed on your actual wedding day, plus you get some extra lovely images of you both before you get wed.

Top Tips for your pre-wedding shoot:
  • Be yourselves - try to act natural, hard when a camera is pointing in your face, we know! Communication and movement is great for that and we help with this too and get you interact to take away any awkwardness. The relaxed candid images will be your favorites as you will look at the images and see yourselves how you truly are.

  • Make it fun - it doesn't have to be all awkward posing and love dovey, it can be playful and fun if that is more your vibe. Sometimes using “props” can help with this no matter how big or small; sunglasses, drinks, the dog or even a motorbike… we're up for anything and in fact photographers love it!!!! A pre-wedding shoot is a good time to get playful and creative.

  • Make it a date - Make the most out of the time together - turn it into a date night. Let's go to a bar and get some cool city shots and when we leave you, you can enjoy the rest of your night ;)

  • Get some inspo - do your research. Look for couple shots you like and see if you can find some couples that you can relate to in terms of their style, outfits, poses. Discuss your ideas with your photographer, tell them your likes/dislikes, they will welcome your input. You know you, better than they do! Spill the tea.

  • Places we love for a pre-wedding shoot - Leeds city centre for those urban vibes, The Shambles York, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, The Tetley, Sheaf St, Northern Monk refectory, SALT beer factory, your fave walking spot, Brimham rocks, Harrogate… the sky's the limit!

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