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two birds, where it all began!

Once upon a time a lil 14 year old Abbey started taking photos of her friend using the back of her wardrobe as a backdrop with a crappy old compact camera 😂 …and the rest is history!

From there she took a media course in school that was video based, refused to shoot any video and instead set up shoots with more of her friends and uploaded them to the good old flickr/tumblr. After that came college where she spent most of her time shooting cringey self-portraits and posing on (truly an OG internet gal).

Finally came University studying Fashion styling and Image making before moving on to working in a commercial photography studio, shooting everything from newborn babies to pomeranians wearing dresses! This work eventually took her to Hong Kong where she managed a sick photography team for 3 years before heading back to the UK to annoy Sorel again 😉

Sorel’s been taking pictures for as long as she can remember on her little doggy Hanimax creature cam complete with a fluffy dog bum bag…f*cking legend! Her dad was also a creative type and often used photography in his work turning the bathroom into a darkroom every now and then.

Sorel did fashion & textiles at college before realising fashion was not for her (you’ll see 😂). It wasn't until a little later she did some evening courses with all those photography, all the gear no idea types and fell in love! Did a Photography degree loved it so much she didn't want to stop and did a Masters degree in Creative Practice specialising in photography and video installation.

Sorel’s personal photography style is black and white 35mm and medium format film, shooting documentary projects and experimenting with image manipulation.

Sorel worked as a freelance photographer and assistant for many years working on all kinds of things from events & weddings, product & food photography to TV commercials. During and after her Masters she worked in a Leeds based portrait studio (where she met Abbey) and was shooting everything from newborns to hedgehogs. After leaving to become a photography teacher some years ago now, she kept shooting weddings and portraits on the side to keep her foot in the photography world.

When Abbey came back from her travels they immediately started planning their business after years of talking about it and dreaming it up, they finally decided to go for it and boom … Two Birds Studio was created. The goal; to bring their diverse and complementary skills together to create a powerhouse collaboration, meet some kickass creative couples, take pictures of rad shit, get saucy and spicy 😜🍑🌶 and meet some cool suppliers along the way! ✌🏼

p.s don't write a blog tipsy, the baby pics come out! 🍹


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