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"What the Heck is reportage wedding photography?"

Let us explain; reportage photography, also known as documentary photography, is like capturing real-life moments in their purest, rawest form. It's all about telling stories through pictures, without any fancy schmancy setups or staging stuff. It's all about those candid vibes and capturing real-life moments, just like a sneaky ninja with a camera.

Reportage wedding photography, Yorkshire

Reportage photography keeps it real, raw and unfiltered, offering a candid glimpse into reality, capturing life's real emotions, events, and everyday moments with depth and authenticity. It's about keeping it real and genuine, which can be even more powerful and moving than any staged photo could ever be. Just candid, in-the-moment shots that freeze time like a boss.

No awkward posing required! It’s not forcing anyone to say "cheese" or give their best model smize. It's all about capturing genuine emotions, reactions, and moments. It's like preserving little time capsules that people can look back on and go, "yeah, that's exactly how it was!". That doesn’t mean however, that we wont guide you when it’s time for those couple shots; but instead of staging a static pose, we pick up on your body language and get you interacting with each other to help you feel more relaxed whilst getting the best kind of images. We’ve got you covered.

Reportage wedding photography, Yorkshire

So, there you go! Reportage photography is storytelling, capturing life's unscripted moments with a camera. No fancy poses, just real-life magic happening right before your eyes. It's all about spontaneity, adaptability, and, most importantly, capturing those unforgettable moments for you to keep forever.

Reportage wedding photography, Yorkshire

How do we do reportage photography; Two Birds are like flies on the wall of your wedding day. We focus on documenting your day in its truest form, no gimmicks, no cheesy sh*t, just you being you and us doing what we love.

We focus on capturing things you might be too busy enjoying yourself to see, capturing all those details you've spent an age sorting out and collecting true memories of your day in all of it's glory.

We are masters of timing and have developed a sixth sense when working with each other; we know that when one is getting the action the other is getting the reaction, so we know exactly where to place ourselves so you get the best photography duo experience; we are a unique wedding photography business we don't know anyone else who works as a duo. We make a special effort to blend in with your day seamlessly, mixing and chatting with your most favourite people so they feel comfortable with us too, this ensures we get those memorable reportage shots of all your guests.

Get in touch for a chat about your day and to see if we're the right alternative wedding photography duo for you.

Reportage wedding photography, Yorkshire


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