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Why do you need two wedding photographers?

Most photographers charge extra for a second shooter, and if they do, it's a good investment and well worth it. Two Birds are different; we are a team and work together . . . always, we don’t charge you extra, we are the package deal! We are equal (girl power ✌🏼) and have a wealth of experience between us, complimenting each other ... like strawberries and cream.

So, why do you need 2 photographers….Easy! One photographer can’t be in two places at once. Wedding duos who work well together (like us, obvz) have a telepathic ability to know when one person is getting the action and the other one is searching for the reaction! And boom!!! The perfect storytelling images are created.

Father of the bridge giving a speech

Photography duos or a photographer that has a 2nd shooter will often split in the morning, one will be with you and the other with them. So when you look back in time order you can see what was happening whilst you were getting ready, seeing all those lovely moments you missed whilst you were having your own.

4 eyes are better than two! AND, we both wear glasses so in our case 8 eyes, even better!😉 More bang for your buck. On extremely rare occasions technical issues can occur, if this should ever happen there is always another camera to capture that moment! You’re covered, like insurance.

Wedding guests laughing

If 2 wedding photographers work like us, during the couple shoot there is often one who would lead the shooting and the other doing the faffing, the veil watch, the fanning of a dress or a lippy on tooth check (we’ve got you ladies), but this will keep things running smooth and effortless; also keeping it quick so you can get back to the party.

Getting their freak ooowwn! If there are two photographers the images can get way more creative, introducing lights and alternative angles, adding height, maybe even a good old piggy-back to get that one killer shot! Maybe even trying to flex some mad photography skills or just being supportive of each other during the day with technical input and shared ideas bouncing off each other; your images will be even better! There are certain shots when a photographer needs an assistant to be able to achieve it, so two photographers will have this covered.

Long story short, 2 photographers are twice as good as one, so if your photographer has the option to get a 2nd shooter - do it, you won’t ever say ‘I wish I didn’t spend money on that 2nd shooter!’or you could just book the best photo duo in Yorkshire 😉

Bride and groom laughing at their reception


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