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who are we?

Two Birds are best mates Abbey & Sorel


We've been mates for nearly a decade and we still love each other!

We met whilst working for a commercial photography studio and have been dreaming of our own adventures ever since, Two Birds has been in the making for an age. Our style and skills complement each other well, we are a collaboration powerhouse

With over 20 years photography experience combined, you're in good hands. We specialise in keeping it chill with minimal faff and no awkwardness; it's just us blending in with your day capturing those special moments, getting creative!

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Bringer of chaos, f*ck the right angle, free spirit, bringing the energy, no one puts baby in a corner, goes with the flow, Photoshop master, camera skills on point & marketing G ✌🏻
Chief organiser, if it’s not a right angle it’s a wrong angle, colour coding Queen, finicky perfectionist, lover of layering and the risograph vibe, mad camera skills & all round lighting G 👊🏼
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what we do

Two Birds shoot in a reportage style this means we

are like flies on the wall of your wedding day. We focus on documenting your day in its truest form, no gimmicks, no cheesy sh*t, just you being you and

us doing what we love.

We focus on capturing things you might be too busy enjoying yourself to see, capturing all those details you've spent an age sorting out and collecting true memories of your day in all it's glory.

We make a special effort to blend in with your day seamlessly, mixing and chatting with your

most favourite people so they feel comfortable with us too, this ensures we get those

memorable reportage shots of all your guests enjoying your day.


We are masters of timing and have developed a sixth sense when working with each other;

we know that when one is getting the action the other is getting the reaction,

so we know exactly where to place ourselves so you get the

best photography duo experience.

We are a unique wedding photography business as you get two photographers every time

without any additional cost; we are joint at the hip and love working together.

We don't know anyone else who works as a duo like us.


Get in touch to arrange a chat so you can get a feel of our energy and see if we're the right match for you. Absolutely no pressure to book, photographers are big part of your day and you need to feel a connection to ensure you are relaxed and secure on your big day. 

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